Spider-man jumping - Beyond Amazing Exibition

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About the experience

Spider-Man is brought to life!

Explore the history of the famous web-slinger at this world-premiere exhibition, from his creation in the early 1960s to his current place as one of popular culture’s most seminal figures.

Miles Morales as Spider-man - Beyond Amazing Exhibition

Walk through the fascinating galleries

Visitors will be able to enjoy interactive installations and expansive set pieces, learn about the many creators who have contributed to the Spider-Man mythos, and discover a number of priceless artifacts from the past six decades.

A visitor poses with Spider-man - Beyond Amazing Exhibition

Spread the magic of Comic-Con

Take a trip to the outstanding Comic-Con Museum in San Diego. Admire the wall-crawler’s rich legacy while looking ahead to the future, all within a space that combines traditional museum displays with cutting-edge technology!

Ghost-Spider - Beyond Amazing Spider-man Exhibition

Practical Information

  1. Date: From July 1, 2022
  2. Duration: The visit will take approx. 60 minutes
  3. Price: Access to the entire Comic-Con Museum starting at $18
  4. Location: The Comic-Con Museum
  5. Age requirement: All ages are welcome!


  • Rodney P.

    “The amazing Spider-Man was amazing!”

  • Ryan R.

    “Loved it. Well worth the price especially for Spider-man fans across generations who can appreciate the beginnings of the characters, different iconic artists, comics, original art work, etc. Also very informational for those who aren’t as familiar with the many key Spidey events in comics and additional characters. Super cool to have movie props as well!”

  • Farouk K.

    "Amazing experience. Fun for kids and adults of all ages. Includes access to the museum as well. Totally worth it. Kids had the best time."

  • Angel P.

    “Very cool, a must for any spiderman fans!”

  • Danny A.

    “Had a web slinging blast! Would recommend to any Spider-Man fan.”

  • Donna C.

    “The space and atmosphere was perfect. My son and I are huge Marvel Fans and were very impressed by all the memorabilia.”

  • Vivian T.

    “It was the most amazing experience ever!”

  • Bony K.

    “It was a great exhibition that highlighted Spider-Man’s history within the comic books and included movie props. My son enjoyed the exhibition very much and would recommend this to Spider-Man fans of all ages.”


The Comic-Con Museum

2131 Pan American Plaza, San Diego, California. 92101
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Parking is limited at Balboa Park, rideshare services or public transportation are recommended. Please allow extra time for parking when arriving for the exhibit.

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